Free Downloads: Thai Cat Cartoons

Thai Cat Cartoons

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Thai kitty cartoons…

It’s already September, which means I totally forgot to post cartoons for the month of August. Apologies, as the Thai YouTube Cartoon: Little Leader Geo series was grand.

A huge thanks goes to Simon for alerting me about the first-class cartoon series at, รู้รักภาษาไทย.

There are 180 cartoons, all for free. Amazing, yes?

And if anyone knows how to get into contact with them, please drop me a line. I put in a request to post the Thai-English transcripts on WLT, but my email bounced back.

UPDATE: Here is yet another site that has been taken offline. So sad. This is why I download Thai materials asap! But thankfully they are online at Royal Canin’s YouTube channel.


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