iPad: HEdictionary English Thai HD

HEdictionary English Thai HD

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HEdictionary English Thai HD…

EDIT: This app is no longer available for Thai.

Before I launch back into my extensive reviews of iPhone apps for the Thai language learning market, I thought I’d share this beauty with you.

HEdictionary English Thai HD is a superlative dictionary not only for Thai to learn English but also for English to learn Thai. The comprehensive dictionary contains 4 built-in dictionaries and Google – Thai dictionaries. Moreover it can work as useful online translator for your instant needs.

iPad: HEdictionary English Thai HD…

YourWords English Thai English travel and learning dictionary HEdictionary English Thai HD No longer online
Price: $2.99
Author: VietDorje
Released: 14 Jun 2010
Version: 1.0
Size: 107 MB
Sound: Yes
Internet connection required: Sometimes
Transliteration: Yes
Rated: 4+

English Thai with 52,000 entries
Thai English with 35,000 entries
WordNet 3.0: 200,000 entries, 3.5 million words and 1.7 million links
Thesaurus with 20,000 entries
Google English <> Thai dictionary
Audio pronunciation for English keywords

EDIT: This app is no longer available for Thai. I did manage to buy it before it disappeared though. It’s a pity it’s gone as it was a gorgeous app. Perhaps someone reading this can help bring it back?


9 thoughts on “iPad: HEdictionary English Thai HD”

  1. The iPhone version of “HEdictionary English Thai” was launched in October last year. The price is the same. I have twenty promo codes for these apps which I am giving away on Twitter at the moment and also on my iPhone blog.

  2. Talen sweetie you are not supposed to acquire them all (ok, unless you are reviewing… and then there is total saturation 🙂 but there really are so few decent ones, that a handful are all you’ll end up with.

    Good luck with your live Thai classes. I’ve discovered that they are not for me. I prefer the dead.

  3. Cat, there is a size issue but they could have formatted for the smaller devices…they are only hurting themselves by cutting out the largest part of the market.

    I have to agree with Martyn as well…I am really starting to get overloaded with programs and apps lol…luckily I will also have real live Thai language classes 2 times a week starting in September so hopefully that grounds me.

  4. Martyn, There are a lot of apps out there. But I have a feeling the top apps will leave the others behind, and eventually, we’ll be left with quality across the top layer. Young programmers will of course cut their teeth on apps so there is that.

    I can only talk for the Thai market (and just personal opinion), but there is quite a lot of room for improvement all the way across. Some apps are copies of others. But some are introducing needed elements. So right now there is no ‘perfect’ app, when it’s within their grasp. One of the alphabet apps comes close as it has simple aims…

    And then there’s the iPhone upgrading, allowing even better apps.

  5. Catherine – Another great app and another great price attached to it. Competition is really keeping the prices down.

    What worries me (about others) is the sheer amount of apps out there. Don’t you think some people can overdose or overload on apps and acquire too many. Couldn’t flitting between 10 – 15 apps possibly have a negative effect. By that I mean the style of learning could differ between some apps as could the phonetic spellings and sounds. Is complete overload possible or do you think it’s a positive thing.

  6. Talen, with that design, I imagine they were space limited?

    iPad: 9.7 inches/ 1024 x 768
    iPhone: 3.5 inches/ 960 x 480
    iPod touch: 3.5 inches/ 480 x 320

    Going by resolution only, maybe the iPhone is next in line for their attention.

  7. Cat, Seems like a nice program but they really missed the boat only releasing it for the iPad. They should have at least included the ipod touch in the release. Who knows they may still.


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