Baby Bird Watching in Bangkok

bird eggs

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Birds come and birds go…

The Wednesday before last, my housekeeper came running into the living room all excited (I know it was a Wednesday because it is the only day I have someone in to clean).

นกมา! นกมา!
nók maa! nók maa!
Translation: Bird come! Bird come!

Waving her arms for me to follow, we went to the back of the house to see. And yes indeed, a bird had come, depositing two spotted eggs as well.

With the excitement over, I settled back to work. Soon after, I was notified again about the status of the bird.

นกไปแล้ว! นกไปแล้ว!
nók bpai láew! nók bpai láew!
Translation: Bird go already! Bird go already!


The whole day was rather fun actually, with us going back and forth looking at either the eggs or the bird on the eggs.

A Thai bird day in Bangkok…

When my Thai teacher showed up the following day, she also became excited about having bird eggs around, so the bird became the focus of our lesson.

Note: To see the English transliteration, scroll your mouse over the Thai script (pretty nifty, yes?)

mee kài nók sŏng fong yòo nai rang nók bon dtôn bpaam
Translation: There are two eggs in the birds nest on the palm.

dtàe dton-née lĕua kâe nèung fong
Translation: But now there is only one egg left.

láe mee lôok nók tòok fák òk maa nèung dtua
Translation: And then the egg hatched and we have one baby chick.

lôok nók gèuap lòn prór wâa róng nók iang
Translation: The nest tilted and the baby bird almost fell out…

dtàe maew gôr dâai tam rang hâi dtrong
Translation: … but I fixed it.

Stay tuned for more as the chick grows wings and takes flight (hopefully)…

And please feel free to suggest corrections to my Thai, ok?

32 thoughts on “Baby Bird Watching in Bangkok”

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  8. Skyrocket – I guess that means ghostwrite?

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  10. I love Luxor! i love sharm el Sheikh even more. Next time when you come you should really go there for a while.

    Yeah, combining all these efforts at once must be tough i agree. One post a week is reasonable anyway and no one could flame a blogger for it. Sometimes i leave my blogs and sites with no updates for a month or two. Life is a spare-time stealer.

    You’re most welcome. gimme the FB page or i’ll chase my garden birds away :p Dunno how this could be a threat to you anyway but you get the idea. ofcourse you should pass me the page link.
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  11. Yes, I did the tour of the main bits, as well as Luxor and Sakkara. And one day I’ll go back. Promise!

    I would love to do more than three posts a week but I have a problem. When I’m writing, researching, and coding in posts, I’m not studying my Thai lessons. Difficult, as you can imagine.

    Thanks for grabbing my RSS. And if you have a hankering, I have a Facebook page for WLT too (posts as well as resources get sucked into FB – gotta love the Internet, yes?)

  12. Catherine, Good to know and i’m flattered that you liked it. I assume you managed to visit the pyramids and Mr.broken-nose “Sphinx” lol.
    Come’on i’m sure you can steal some time for those posts and i will be the first to read. 🙂 Or maybe i can grab your RSS right now so that i read whatever you have to say in the future. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

    Stay safe & cool.
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  13. Medo, Welcome to WLT 🙂 I was only in Egypt a short time, but it was an amazing visit and I’d like to go back.

    Birds are everywhere in this big city. I have more bird posts in the wings… but… time…

  14. Oh Catherine and i thought that Arabic was the most confusing language ever (which is my native one btw lol). Now i knew that i’m not alone in this. I would love to visit Thailand and i would love to learn how to pronounce Thai letters as well 😀
    Congrats for the new birds coming to life, i know the feeling actually. I can’t stop working on attracting those young fellas myself.

    Thanks for the good share. Your new friend from Egypt
    .-= Medo Joe´s last blog ..Bird Cages | Small | Large | Wooden Bird Cages =-.

  15. Pete, you came up with a much better title than I did for the coming post (it goes live tomorrow).

    Btw – The baby chick knows who I am now, so it no longer jumps up and down squealing for food. It just sucks its head into all those new feathers and pretends I’m not there. Should I try a long stick instead?

    ‘Am I off the hook yet?’

    Well, if you must… 😀

  16. No, seriously, I really mean it. There is some great work in the portfolio at Katz Designs 🙂 😀

    (Am I off the hook yet? 😉

    Back on topic, I’m still waiting for the Thai version of “Shook tree. Baby didn’t wake up. Shook tree harder. Then…” 😉

  17. its not the normal birds i watch in bangkok but a few of us could get into a lot less trouble with this kind of sport he he

  18. Thanks Amy, I got the idea for the popups when I was playing around with putting a children’s reader online:

    I just need to get permission from the powers that be before doing any more…

    Robins are gorgeous, and I’ll bet the baby robins are much better looking than this poor little thing I have here!

    Talen, you are going to just love the iPhone. My maid drags it out so we can find the different words I don’t know. She prefers the iPhone over my computer for some reason. A pity she isn’t here more as we have fun together (and I’d be pushed to learn faster).

    And btw – I have not forgotten that post on learning Thai with the iPhone. Myke Hawke’s bits came up and it gobbled up my free time. The rest of the series will go live as soon as the Thai gets double-checked by a Thai language guru (soon, I hope).

    I am SO looking forward to reading your coming post. I’m sure it’ll get people thinking a little deeper than what they are used to 🙂

  19. Great photo Catherine and I have to chime in and say I love the pop up transliteration as well. I think I have to get an i phone now so I can cheat too 🙂

    P.S. Still working on what we were talking about…had some family issues the past week but I think I have a handle on it and will post it soon…I think…

  20. Gosh, what a well done post, Cat. I love the pop-up transliteration and I’m very impressed at your Thai writing. It’s new birdie season over in CA too. Just last week I watched some baby robins getting fed by their doting parents, it was neat to see!

  21. Hi Lynn, the pop up is easy to do (just time consuming). And no, I don’t know how to spell all the complicated Thai words. But hey, my English spelling is cacca too (thank goodness for all the tools we have available to use these days). And now I have an iPhone with Thai spelling… hehh hehh… I love to cheat…

    I have a hard time thinking of you all the way over there in Canada too. Pooh, I’m always thinking, ‘I’ll just get my butt off this computer and call Lynn to go and do something fun!’ And then I remember that you are not here anymore 🙁

    One of the hardest things about being an expat is when your dear friends move on to other lives elsewhere.


  22. Hi Cat, what a neat thing to do: learn Thai and watch a momma (I think?)bird and her baby at the same time! I love it!

    I’m amazed at the quality of your photo’s; you’ve come a long way from ‘Auto’, haha!

    Your pop-up transliteration is really amazing stuff, girl! I won’t ask how you do that..too much info for me. I am just glad you put everything there, right at my finger tips, just in case I need or want it.

    When I’m chatting online with a Thai/English speaker, the transliteration actually comes in very handy, believe it or not!

    I can’t spell Thai worth a hoot, so sometimes I have to rely on the T.T. (terrible transliteration) method to make myself understood, as does the Thai person I’m chatting with. I know, as you do, quite a few Thai words and phrases by ‘ear’, but who knows how to spell them? (you probably do, but you won’t tell anyone,:)

    Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m sitting at my laptop in Canada, not in Thailand!Big Adjustment. Thanks for bringing Bangkok back to life for me; baby bird/nest watching (while learning Thai) is great fun!

    When it was snowing heavy wet stuff so thick you couldn’t see across the street two days ago, I was really missing Bangkok! Mostly I miss my good buddy..

    Thanks for the phone call, it was so good to hear from you!I’ll be watching for future developments on the chick’s progress..and learning some ‘fun’ Thai, too!

  23. I didn’t realise that squirrels took chicks. Darn. I assumed that only the eggs would be in danger.

    There are several families of squirrels on the other side of my condo. They come right onto the balcony, walking along the bannisters. But I’ve never seen them along the front (not that they don’t go there though).

    When I renovated, the sparrow nests made from coconuts had to be taken out in order to paint. I’ve never put them back, and after reading about your experiences, I’m torn as I’m not sure how good of a security guard I’d make.

    That is sweet of the sparrows to show their appreciation to you. I have a rooster down below, so I feel for you.

  24. A family of sparrows (นกกระจอก) live above our balcony and their antics are always interesting.

    On one memorable occasion, there was a huge commotion when a squirrel (กระรอก) snatched a chick from the nest and ate it. I had always imagined that squirrels just ate nuts or something but it turns out that they can be voracious carnivores when it suits them.

    Since then, I’ve been acting as the sparrows’ unpaid security guard and they express their gratitude each day by waking me up at the crack of dawn.

  25. Catherine you missed one phrase out before “the nest tilted and the baby bird almost fell out”…

    Did you have trouble translating “I shook the tree to wake the hatchling up so I could photograph it”?! 🙂 😀

  26. Hi Martyn, that lesson was done when I hadn’t slept the night before, or I would have jotted down all the details on why the individual words were used. When I get my teacher over here next, and if we have the time, I’ll ask and be sure to take notes to share here.

    Or, if any advanced Thai learners are reading this… please pipe up 🙂

    The chick is doing great! It is slowly gaining feather cover for its body (a relief).

    I’m looking forward to taking photos of the attempts at flying (hopefully my photography skills will be up to it by them).

  27. I clicked on the link and tried a couple of words, most useful and I’ve bookmarked it, thanks for that. The first two phrases in your post I amazingly knew, Bird come and Bird go already, after that I was completely lost. Nice story and lets hope the chick makes it to the runway.


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