2010 Bangkok International Tattoo Convention

Bangkok International Tattoo Convention

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Bangkoks very first International Tattoo Convention…

If you are anywhere near Bangkok and are into tattoo too, then I guarantee 100% that you will not see me at the convention. Not that I don’t like tattoos (on other people), but because I’ve had my fill of crowds this week. And crowds, there will be!

If you do end up going, please come back and tell me all about it. In return, I’ll tell you all about my tattoo experience at Wat Bang Phra (วัดบางพระ).

Bangkok International Tattoo Convention
Impact Muang Thong Thani Hall 9
Friday 15 – Sunday 17
11am – 8pm

Single entry: 500 baht
Multiple entry: 1,200 baht


5 thoughts on “2010 Bangkok International Tattoo Convention”

  1. Steve, when you do go, let me know as I’m sure you’ll be writing about it. The story behind the Thai tattoos are very interesting (I have an interview with a tattoo monk that I hope to get online today… but first, the translation).

    I didn’t even know about the convention until a reader asked if I was going. Apparently, the tattoo convention was just in Singapore. I jumped to the wrong conclusion, that it was one of the tattoo celebrations out here. I’d love to go to one at a Wat, but I was advised that it can get pretty hairy. Last year, a photographer got his arm broken with all the crazy goings on.

    Thais turning into growing tigers is pretty powerful. I experienced it this week and it scared the little girl sitting next to me. Me too! I will post the video later on today (no translations needed).

  2. A tattoo convention in Thailand…wow, it’s really a sign of the changing times isn’t it? Wish I was there to see though, I really do like the Thai style tattoo’s. A convention would be the perfect place to find a great Thai tattoo artist.


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