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Thai Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Surprise! Thailand has turkeys too… Unbelievable. There we were, my long suffering Thai teacher and me, arriving at Wát Chà-lĕrm Prágìat (วัด เฉลิม พระเกียรติ์). And … Read more

Thai2english Dictionary Download

What we’ve all been waiting for… Thai2English is designed for anyone interested in translating, reading, understanding, speaking, learning or typing in Thai, from beginners to … Read more

Thai Bumper Stickers: Four

เเฟนไม่อยู่มาหาหนูนะ fan mâi yòo maa hăa nŏo ná If your girlfriend is away, come see me. รวมกันเราอยู่ทิ้งกูมึงตาย ruam gan rao yòo tíng goo meung … Read more