Thailand Starter Kit Bundle


“The insight, tips, and tricks you need to live life as an expat in Thailand”

Moving to Thailand has never been this easy with the Thailand Starter Kit Bundle. Packed with 6 Insider Guides showing you how to overcome the major challenges you’ll encounter when moving to Thailand, you’ll find out how to:

  • get the right visa to stay long-term in Thailand so you stop wasting your time, money, and energy on visa runs
  • pocket thousands of dollars with cash saving strategies on rent, utilities, food, travel, and more
  • discover a great place to live and pay 40% lower than average expats, no matter where in Thailand you want to stay
  • keep yourself healthy with clean foods, competitive places to exercise, and great yet affordable medical care
  • turn complicated shipping procedures into simple matters while avoiding Thailand’s customs tax
  • And much more!


Get Immediate Access to These Guides

Moving to Thailand has never be this easy with the Thailand Starter Kit Bundle. You’ll get these 6 Insider Guides packed with strategies that’ll save you time, money, and headaches:

  • Thailand Starter Kit: Save Cash, Land a Job, Avoid Pitfalls, and More

    This ultimate guide to living in Thailand shows you how to land your dream job and gives you the secret strategies that’ll save you thousands of dollars. You’ll get insider information only a select number of expats know about.

  • The Insider’s Guide to Health in Thailand: How to Eat Healthily, Stay Fit, and Lower Your Medical Costs

    Don’t ignore the most important part of your life. Find out the three most important aspects of living a healthy life as an
    expat. Learn where to buy cheap but healthy food, where to find the most suitable gyms for your fitness needs, and where to get great medical care that won’t break the bank.

  • The Insider’s Guide to Renting in Thailand: Discover Underrated Neighborhoods, Negotiate Leases, and Avoid Hidden Fees

    This practical guide to renting will show you the strategies that you can use to cut your rent by 40%, for both long- and short-term stays. It also shows you the underrated neighborhoods in Thailand and lists the exact places you’ll find cheap rentals.

  • The Complete Guide to Thailand Visas: How to Avoid Visa Runs and Stay in Thailand Long-term, Legally

    The single-most comprehensive guide to Thailand visas you’ll ever find. Written in an easy-to-read style, you’ll discover all the visa options that’ll let you stay in Thailand long-term. Requirements, procedures, and tricks for dealing with immigration and embassies can be found inside the guide too.

  • The Insider’s Guide to Traveling to Thailand: How to Save Money and Avoid Being Scammed While Spending Your Vacation in the Land of Smiles

    This book offers in-depth money-saving tips and valuable insights any traveller can use to save money while embarking on a trip of a lifetime. You learn how to save time and money during each step of your Thailand trip.

  • The Insider’s Guide to Shipping to Thailand: How to Pick the Best Shipping Company, Ship Your Valuables Safely and Securely, and Avoid Customs Tax

    Make your international move hassle-free with this guide to shipping to Thailand. Don’t waste your time and money bringing unnecessary items you can get in Thailand at cheaper prices. You’ll discover how to minimize or possibly avoid customs tax. The guide also shows you a list of reputable shipping companies and other strategies to make your shipping experience run smoothly.