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Thai Language Cheat Sheets

Free and almost free Thai language downloads: cheat sheets, mini courses, and tips… Practice Alphabet Worksheet Learning any language takes a lot of work, and … Read more

Thai Bumper Stickers: Three

เเม่ยายไม่ช่วยรวยเองก็ได้ mae yaai mâi chûay ruay eng gôr dâi Even if my mother-in-law doesn’t help, I’ll get rich on my own. รู้หน้าไม่รู้ใจ róo nâa … Read more

Thai Bumper Stickers: Two

เมีย ชึ้อ สอด รถ ชึ้อ ผ่อน mia séu sot rót séu pòn He paid the dowry in cash, but got a loan for his car. … Read more

Thai Alphabet Song

So there really is a Thai Alphabet Song… In a previous post, The Thai Alphabet Poem, I made the comment that it was more of … Read more