Getting a Working Visa and Living in Thailand in the Long Term

For many years, Thailand has been the go-to workplace for expats. The Land of Smiles offers an unmatched quality of life. Pay is similar to that of the West. The backdrop of mountains and beaches makes work feel like paradise. And the cost of living–the biggest attraction–is significantly lower. But all expats in Thailand face one huge obstacle–visas.

Obtaining the working visa is a complicated process, amounting to piles and piles of paperwork. And more importantly, you need to get hired by a company that can issue you a visa. Yes, you heard it right. Not all companies is eligible in doing it.

This is where Iglu can help you. They are the leading digital nomad community in Thailand. Registered with the Board of Investment, Iglu employs over a hundred and fifty expats under their wide range of job classifications, including programmers, web developers, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Wondering how it works? To be employed by Iglu, you need to work in software development, web design, IT, or SEO industries and have your own clients. Then Iglu will bill your clients for you. You get 70% of the invoice amount, while Iglu gets 30% for administration fees, income taxes, and social welfare, all in accordance with Thai laws. When all the conditions are met, Thai business visas and work permits and access to their offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket will be yours.

Iglu isn’t only available for digital nomads but for start-up companies who are relocating their team to Thailand as well as remote employees working for their employer back home. Backpackers and travelers can also use it as long as you meet the requirement above.

Interested in using Iglu to help you relocate to Thailand? Please feel to go to their site and get directly in touch with them.

*Iglu does not sell nor guarantee visas and work permits. The final approval is done by Thai authorities.

About Iglu

Established as a software company in 2010, and having helped over 150 digital nomads, Iglu has become the leading digital nomad community in Thailand.

The company’s Finnish co-founder, Ozzi, has been living in Thailand since 2000. He came here first as a student, then a freelancer. In 2010 he co-founded Iglu. The company has been expanding in size, attracting digital nomads and IT professionals from all over the world to Thailand.

Iglu offers a complete relocation solution to live and work legally in Thailand, either as an individual, a team, or a family.

What Our Readers Say

“As a freelancer, Iglu’s services are really useful for me. Providing modern office space with good internet connection in the heart of Bangkok. My visa, work permit, taxes and accounting is taken care of, so I can concentrate on working and taking care of my clients.” – Teso S., from Espoo (Finland) to Bangkok

“I am from the US and Iglu makes staying in Thailand very simple. Everything is handled professionally and I only have to deal with immigration once a year. The office is centrally located, quiet and comfortable. Getting anything done in Thailand tends to be bureaucracy and paperwork heavy but Iglu greatly simplifies everything related to visas and work permits.” – Aaron P, from Seattle (US) to Bangkok