Aspire Club

A Premium Gym with Personal Training in Bangkok

Aspire offers fitness training programs that guarantee results through science, strategy, and education with experienced trainers.

Get in touch with them if you want to achieve your workout goals, whether it’s for weight loss, muscle growth, or just a healthier lifestyle.

Why Aspire?

Here’s what sets Aspire apart from other gyms:

  • you get a tailored exercise program and diet based on your physical assessment, restrictions, and workout goals
  • you get a clear strategy, ongoing support, and follow-ups to keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals
  • you get access to experienced trainers, who’ll make sure you’re performing the correct techniques that’ll keep you strong yet safe
  • you can go to Aspire with just a pair of sneakers; they have lockers, towels, and even toiletries already there
  • you can get your training program even when you’re on the road or unable to get to Aspire
  • you get access to CrossFit, an intense workout program combining weight training, aerobics, and gymnastics, to push your entire body to the max, making it healthy, fit, and strong
  • you get a personal evaluation of your workout goals every month
  • through science and education, you workout smarter, and your nutritional, energy, and sleep levels increase as well
  • you can easily get there; Aspire is right next to Phromphong BTS, Exit 3.

Workout Programs

Aspire is more than a fitness gym. They are a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in:

  • Personal Training: they offer customized one-on-one training sessions with qualified trainers
  • Semi-Private Personal Training: you get personal training while competing with your friends; it’s a cost-effective way to get private training for two to four people
  • Bangkok Bootcamp: you train for 60 minutes with a group of likeminded people who want to get healthier and stronger
  • Premium Gym: you get access to their premium gym and unlimited workout classes; they limit the number of customers per session so you can freely use any exercise equipment without having to wait long

Get a Free Trial

You can get your first training session and goal consultation for free. If you don’t like it, you can walk away with no strings attached.

To get a free trial, all you need to do is to fill in the form below. A trainer from Aspire will get back to you soon.

About Aspire

Aspire is a premium fitness club that offers flexible training programs. Aspire was founded by Daniel Remon, a health and fitness specialist with more than 20 years experience in the field and numerous qualifications, including a degree in Human Movement Science (Sports Science & Sports Management).

Aspire is located right next to BTS Phromphong exit number 3, 2 minutes walk from the BTS. The gym offers offers CrossFit and various forms of vigorous training programs designed to work your entire body.

Karsten, ExpatDen’s founder, has trained with one of their trainers before and found it immensely helpful in designing his own workout and making sure he does everything with correct form. Working with a personal trainer helped him reduce the risk of injury and he found that really worth it.


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