My Thanks

The in-depth posts on this sites wouldn’t be possible without the extensive help of friends, professional contacts and other volunteers who helped research, fact-check and edit my articles without receiving any financial compensation for it.

Here’s an incomplete list where I yet have to add everybody who helped me out in the past. I hope I’ll be able to get through that soon!

  • Daniel Kvarnemo for sending in extensive English-language edits for a number of my articles.
  • Chris Bickle for practically writing the entire section on running in my Bangkok fitness post – including recommendations on running tracks, clubs and races.
  • Matt Lucas, author of The Boxer’s Soliloquy, for being my primary source and contributor on Muay Thai options in Bangkok.
  • Thomas Wanhoff for contributing descriptions and pictures of his favorite cycling routes in Bangkok.
  • Subscribers of /r/Thailand who have provided me with valuable feedback and comments on nearly all major Thailand-related articles.
  • Mikhail Borodin for assisting with Russian language research.
  • Pearly Wong and Sharon Chen for helping out with research on Chinese language resources.
  • and Pudkrong Kaewpichit for her great pictures (including the ‘portrait’ pictures on my articles on fitness and finding a lawyer)

If I haven’t added you yet (or if you’re on the list and want your website or contact details added or changed), please send me a message.