Hugh Leong

Hugh Leong loves explaining things. And during his 40 plus years of trying to learn Thai and its culture, he learned to love the cross-cultural aspect of living in a foreign country and speaking its language. His series, Thai Language Thai Culture, covers various aspects of learning Thai, and how the Thai culture influences how we say things.

Hugh now has a new series, the Ten Essentials of Thai Conversation, which covers what would be most important for students of Thai (old or young) to focus on at from beginning.

For more about Hugh: Successful Thai Language Learners: Hugh Leong.

Check out his series, Professional English for Thailand: Professional Office, Professional Hospital and Professional Hotel English for Thailand.

You can also find Hugh at Retire 2 Thailand (where he shares tips and personal experiences), and ebooks in Thailand. And if you are lucky, you can find him enjoying his lovely garden in Chiang Mai.

Thai Language Thai Culture…

Ten Essentials of Thai Conversation…