Which Developers Should You Buy a Condo From?

You’ve been renting a condo for a year. You have a steady job, work permit, and life in…

You’ve been renting a condo for a year. You have a steady job, work permit, and life in Thailand has been going expectedly well.

You can see yourself making Thailand your permanent home, or at least your home for most of the year.

So you’ve decided to do what comes next: buy a condo.

Although buying a condo is a straightforward process, there are things you must consider.

Condos in Thailand are not like back home. And one of the biggest choices you’ll make when buying a condo is which builder to buy from.

Developer Overview

While there are independent condo builders out there, the majority of developments are run by several key players under different brands.

Looking around Bangkok, you’ll see signs for:

A quick look on these companies’ websites won’t reveal a lot as most info is in Thai.


Condos developed by Pruksa are cheaper compared to other developers but the quality of material is a concern.

Many people report having problems after buying a Pruksa condo. Pruksa have many management teams and each team is totally different in terms of quality.


  • cheap
  • located throughout Bangkok


  • questionable building material


Sansiri’s prices are in the middle- to upper-middle range. The brand is famous among expats for renting and leasing.

They also have their own marketing team especially for these purposes.

Sansiri has a unique building style with good facilities.

Condos from Sansiri are usually not connected to the BTS or MRT. You need to walk a few minutes to get there.

Room specs are better than other developers in the same price range.

Sansiri may raise floor levels above hallways to prevent water from leaking in if there was ever a water leak from another condo.

Some projects may even have hot water at kitchen and bathroom sinks.


  • good design and facilities, including lounge, recreational area, swimming pool, and gym


  • location isn’t good compared to other developers within the same price range

LPN (Lumpini)

LPN’s prices are in the middle- to upper-middle range.

Their condos are built to quality and have a reliable administrative office. And their after-sales service is also good.

In terms of design, they pretty much stick to their own patterns. Two Lumpini condos in two different locations can be almost identical.

Condo projects from LPN tend to be a bit far from the BTS and MRT. But they are located in a community area making it a great choice for living.


  • good management team resulting in condo buildings staying in good condition for a long time
  • good administrative office that is willing to solve problems, even in the after-sales process


  • Small central area with less facilities than other developers


AP’s prices are in the upper-middle range.

Their prices can be higher than other developers in the same range but make up for it with good locations and facilities.

Their designs and decorations are also great.


  • good locations; some projects are even connected to the BTS.
  • facilities and designs are better than other developers in the same price rage


  • room specs are lower than other developers; for example, hallway areas are on the same level as room floors, which could allow water from leaks to enter the rooms

Ananda (Ideo)

The best part about Anada is location.

Most of their projects are very close to the BTS. But their facilities and room specs are not that good compared to other developers in the same price range.


  • great location
  • good interior and exterior building design


  • lower room specs and facilities than other developers


Condos from Noble are usually located right next to the MRT and BTS and are reasonably priced.

Their facilities and room specs are also on an acceptable level, making them a good choice for investing or renting. However, the quality of each project varies.


  • great location
  • good for investment


  • different quality between each projects

Land and House

Condos from Land and House are expensive and in average locations, but building materials and specs are better than other developers in the same price ranges.

This makes Land and House a good choice for those who want to buy a condo to live in.


  • building materials and room specs
  • strong branding


  • normal design and facilities

SC Asset

SC Asset is similar to Land and House.

Their condos are priced higher but are built with good materials, room specs, and services.

The brand itself is more focused on townhomes and home offices, making their condos available only in certain locations.


  • building materials, room specs, and services
  • good choice for living


  • design and decorations are still old-fashioned

In Summary

For Living:

  • low to mid price: LPN
  • high market: SC Asset and Land & House
  • luxurious: St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton

For Investing:

  • renting and leasing: Sansiri
  • selling in the future: Sansiri, AP, Ideo, and Noble