Property Inspection Tips

When you buy or rent a new property, it’s recommended to thoroughly inspect it. This is to avoid any possible problems that may come down the road.

Let’s take a look at how to inspect your new property closely.

During the inspection, you should take pictures and write down all the issues you find.

If you’re buying the property, bring Post-its and stick them on the problem areas you find.


You should wear socks and drag your feet across the floor to check its condition. Is it smooth? Does it slope? Are there any parts that needs to be fixed?

You can even roll a marble ball on the floor to check how even it is or if there’s a slope.

If there are any problems, stick a Post-it on the problem area.

Walls and Ceilings

To inspect walls, wear gloves and touch the wall. Ceilings can be inspected by sight. You should check if there are any water stains from leaks.

You should also bring a ladder, open the ceiling tiles, and see if any light shines through the roof. If you find light, it could mean your roof is leaking.

Electrical Systems

To check electrical systems, you need a volt meter. Turn on the light in every room. Check all outlets with a volt meter to make sure they’re working.

Water Systems

Water systems include more than the faucets in your sink. You need to check the drains too.

To do this, fill up the sinks and tubs and then open the drain and see whether the water drains. If it doesn’t drain or drains slowly, you might have a blocked drain.

You should also check all pipe joints, especially under sinks and behind toilets.

Doors, Windows, and Furniture

You should check for any damage on all furniture, doors, and windows. Test them to see they work properly or not.

Hiring Inspectors

You can also hire a professional inspector and let them do the job for you. Prices start at 2,000 baht for a 30 square meter condo.

Here’s a list of inspectors you can use: