How to Save Money on Movies

Do you know that you can easily cut movie ticket prices by 50%? You can even get a free movie ticket every month.

There are various movie ticket promotions available all year from the services you’re probably already using.

Let’s take a look.


Wednesdays are considered movie days in Thailand. Movie tickets are cut down to only 100 baht throughout the day. In certain theaters, you can pay 80 baht per ticket.


For theaters in certain locations—usually the one that’s not too popular—there’s a late night (after 8 pm) and morning price (before noon) promotion where you get similar deals as on Wednesdays. These deals are available for all movies.

Cell Phone Service Providers

Check your cell phone provider. AIS, DTAC, and TRUE, which are the biggest three cell phone service providers in Thailand, regularly run co-promotions with Major Cineplex and SF Cinema providing a 50% discount on all tickets.

All you need to do is to dial a certain number, get a code, and show it to the ticket seller.

Codes are limited and reset every month. So, this method only works well during the first two weeks of every month.

Credit Cards

Check your credit card. They offer regular promotions for movies. Usually, you can redeem 1,000 to 1,200 Kasikorn Bank points for a free movie ticket. Krung Sri offers a buy-one-get-one promotion when you use their credit card to pay for your ticket.

Some give you a fixed price of 100 baht per ticket for all movies when you use their credit card to pay for it, like GSB.

You can even get a free movie ticket every month through the Aeon credit card.