How to Find a Good Mechanic in Your Area

When you have a car, you need to find a good mechanic in your area that can fix and service your car for a decent price.

Bringing your car to the dealership to get fixed or serviced might not always be the answer. There might not be any dealerships in your area. And the price you pay can be much higher than what you’d pay for an independent mechanic.

You should find a mechanic that specializes in fixing or servicing your brand of car. For example, if you drive a Suzuki, you should find a mechanic that fixes Suzukis.

Otherwise, your car may turn into a lab rat for that mechanic. They may not be able to fix your car and may even further damage it along the way.

To find a good mechanic where you live, ask other people in your area that drive the same brand of car as you.

If there aren’t any mechanics in your area, look on the internet for a community website of those who use the same car as you.

For example, Toyota Yaris has this private Facebook community with over 80,000 members. You can ask for recommendations in these groups.

But most info in these groups is available in Thai. So, if you can’t read or write Thai you need to ask someone who can read and write Thai for help.

The last way to find a good mechanic is to go to a garage that specializes in each system.

For example, if your AC is broken, go to a garage that specializes in AC systems. If somethings wrong with your suspension, go to a garage that specializes in suspensions.

These mechanics have experience in repairing specific systems. Sometimes, general mechanics outsource repairing specific systems to these specialized mechanics as well.