A Comprehensive List of Websites to Find Used Cars

You can use several websites to search for a used car. On these sites, you’ll find many used cars available throughout Thailand listed with prices, mileage, year, and condition.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships now have separate sections on their website that list certified used cars. Although most of the information is in Thai, you can translate it to English using Google Chrome by using right click, then selecting “Translate to English.”

The best thing about buying a used car from a dealership is that most cars are in good condition because the dealership takes care of the cars. And you get a warranty.

Buying a used car from a dealership is good if you don’t know what to inspect when buying a car.

But prices are more expensive than what you’d find outside of a dealership.

Here’s a list of car dealerships that sell used cars:

Car-Listing Websites

Several car-listing websites list used cars for sale in Thailand. Since cars on these websites are owned by individuals and used car dealerships, you should carefully inspect the car before buying it.

But prices on these car-listings sites are lower than prices on car dealership websites.

Forums and Facebook Groups

You can look on forums and Facebook groups for used cars as well. The great part about using forums and Facebook groups is that you buy a used car directly from a person. And some of them are eager to sell their car because they have to leave the country.

Prices tend to be the cheapest. But it may take a while to find a good deal.

But on forums, beware of used car dealerships pretending to be private owners. And always inspect the used car before buying it.

Here are some forums and Facebook groups: